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Nathaniel Earl is a versatile composer, producer, and arranger focused on crafting lush, transportive sonic experiences through the orchestration of synthetic, organic, and real-world sounds - a balance of technology and tradition. With attention to nuanced production, careful crafted instrumentation, and rich melody, Nathaniel stimulates a deep emotional journey that encourages introspection and resonates uniquely with each individual.


He has contributed to projects ranging in genre from pop, indie, americana, film music, prog, rock, rap, orchestral, experimental, and ambient, and in each project, he brings his unique skill set as a triple threat composer/producer/arranger into the creative process. His passion for orchestration is what truly defines his creative work. Whether it’s a live orchestra, a blend of orchestral and synth plugins, or a collection of instruments found in a bedroom closet, he is able to craft intricate and evocative arrangements that bring compositions to life.


Nathaniel is an avid student of music theory, and has spent the last 15 years working in both Pro Tools and Ableton. A self-proclaimed music nerd, he’d be happy to spend hours talking about gear, software, compositional techniques, and his favorite artists.

Interested in working with me? Give me a call for a FREE consultation!
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My goal is to capture your vision, and the best way to do that I've found, is to get to know each other.
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